Foam roller
Foam roller
Foam roller

Foam roller

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Foam roller

Foam roller

391,00 kr 469,00 kr

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Foam roller for the body

This foam roller makes your body feel like brand new. Whether you have been on a run or in the gym for strength training, a foam roller is an important tool for loosening up your tight and sore muscles - so much so that you are ready for a trip the very next day.

At 33 centimeters, the foam roller is perfect for rolling in the most difficult places. The hips, chest muscles and the upper part of the back are typical areas where it can be challenging to be rolled out properly - and you actually roll out. You place the foam roller on the floor and lay you and your body on top so that it fits with the area where you want to be loosened up. Then you roll back and forth and can thus loosen both muscles and joints.

Foam roller with spikes - trigger point foam roller

The foam roller is made up of a cylinder with medium-hard foam around it. The surface is uneven and there are spikes that work with trigger points in the body. Trigger points can be muscle knots or miosis that require a precise massage - and they loosen the special surface. Scroll until you can feel you hit a myosis and then hold the pressure for 10-20 seconds. You are in no doubt when you hit a muscle knot right. Then scroll on.

If you need even more in-depth massage, we also have a vibrating foam roller in our selection, where you massage the connective tissue that sits on the muscles through vibrations. Once loosened - whether with a regular foam roller like this or a vibrating foam roller - you will feel like a whole new human being.

Home-training with a Foam roller

Over the past few years, home training has become popular - and we all know why. Combined with some home offices and more work in front of the computer, most Danes would greatly enjoy being rolled out of a foam roller. Use the foam roller on your back and feel how you 'get straightened out'.

You can combine your foam roller with an exercise mat so that it becomes a feel more comfortable to lie on the floor and roll its muscles. All your equipment is thus easy to find and pack away again - and it only takes 5 minutes to be rolled out.

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