how do i recharge my watch?

You can see our video guides on how to charge our watches here!

- Video guide Veryfit V1

- Video Veryfit kids

- Video Vision smart

How do I set up my watch?

Video guide Vision V1


Video guide Veryfit Kids


Video guide Vision Smart

How long is the battery life of the watch?

The watch can hold power for 7-10 days depending on usage and functions. When it runs out of power, simply charge it in a USB socket for 3-4 hours and then it is ready for use again.

What is the estimated shipping time?

We ship with Postnord and they have 1-3 days delivery.

where is your warehouse and what cities do you ship to?

We have an office and warehouse in Aalborg and ship from here to the whole of Scandinavia. We send packages every weekday and 97% of our packages in Denmark arrive the next weekday.

How do i contact you?

We strive to help you as soon as possible. We are actively ready to help you every weekday between:
9.00AM - 5.00PM +2GMT. Look at our contact info here

Do you have any guarantees?

At Sportsbuddy, we believe that it is better for you to have the opportunity to try the equipment over a longer period - rather than 2 minutes in a store and therefore we have made a 31-day full satisfaction guarantee.

When you buy sports equipment from Sportsbuddy, you can try the product for up to 14 days risk-free. If the product is not for you, you can either exchange it for another or get your money back.

Please note, however, that the product cannot be returned if it is damaged or if the original packaging is missing. If you want to make use of the satisfaction guarantee, it only costs the shipping back to our warehouse.

When can i file a complaint abour my product

You can in principle advertise a product 2 years after you
made a purchase. However, should an error occur already after 0-3 months if it is a
production error it will be covered. We do not approve products where there are clear signs of
wear. Always write to customer service, then we will probably find a good solution.

Can there be more users on the Sportsbuddy Scale?

Yes, you can easily have several families connected to the scale
through the app.

If there are issues with my watch, what do I do then?

You can do the following:

Make sure the app is completely up to date.

Check that the watch is updating inside the app itself.

Check out the FAQ inside the app as they have answers to many questions
about the watches.

Try restarting the watch and setting it up again.

Contact customer service if the above does not work.

Can i use the training equipment ourside?

Yes, all weights can be used outside, however, one should try to
avoid them wet for too long, as they can reduce the lifespan significantly.

Is the shipping free?

- Delivery to postnord delivery points - FREE

- Delivery to business address - EUR 5

- Delivery to private address - EUR 2.55

Do all the watches come with pedometers?

Yes they do.

Do all the watches come with heart rate monitor?

All but the kids watch has heart rate monitor

How do i return a product?

f you want to make use of your right of return, you can find our return form here.

B Note: If the watch is defective or contains an error, contact our support. Often the problem can be solved through support or by sending a spare part. You can contact our support here