How to connect your sports watch with the Veryfit Pro app

This guide has been prepared for a Sportsbuddy Veryfit Kids and Veryfit V1. If you have bought another watch, you will not be able to follow this guide, as they do not use the same smartphone app.

This is a step-by-step guide that describes exactly how to connect the watch and get information on the app.

1. Download the app 

The first thing you need to do is download Veryfit Pro to your phone or tablet. You can download the app for iPhone / iPad here or for Android phones / tablets here. 

The first time the app is opened, you need to give it permission to access media and files on your device.

Sådan tilslutter du Veryfit sportsur og din telefon Tilslut sportsur til smartphone app Veryfit pro

2. Connect the watch via. Bluetooth

The next step is to connect the watch and the app. Enable bluetooth and GPS on your phone.
Next, open Veryfit Pro > device > Bind device (at the bottom) > search for the watch.
Select the clock and press Confirm Bind Device.

Veryfit Pro og aktivitetsur tilslutning via. bluetooth

3. Set up your user

You now need to set up your user - choose your gender, birthday, height and weight. It is important that you provide the correct data as the watch uses these for calculations. Set your daily goals (daily steps and sleep). 

It is free to set up a user on the Veryfit Pro app and your data can not be seen by other users.

Opsæt dine mål med et Veryfit pulsur

4. Set the clock

Press device in the menu and select the functions you want the watch to have.Here you can, among other things, turn on notifications for calls and messages, set up an alarm and during fun you can customize the clock.

Customize Veryfit uret til dine formål

5. Track your activity

Well done! You have now connected your Veryfit watch app and set up your user - now you just have to track your activity!