This guide is made for a Sportsbuddy Band B1. If you have a different activity watch, you can not follow this guide, as they do not use the same app or have the same functions

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1. Get the app

First step is to get H band. You cna find it for iPhone/iPad here and Android here.

Guide til Sportsbuddy Band B2

2. Setup a user in the app

You can either create an account or press "No account login" and continue without a user. It is free to set up a user in H Band.

Then you need to set up your user with birthday, weight and height. This information is used for clock algorithms and calculations and it is therefore important that it is done with the correct information.

Opsæt bruger Sportsbuddy Band B1

3. Choose your goals

The next step is to create your daily goals. You can choose both number of steps and sleep.

Many studies have been done on daily number of steps and it is recommended that adults walk at least 10,000 steps a day while children should walk 12,000 steps a day.

Opsæt app Sportsbuddy Band B1 

4. Connect the watch via. Bluetooth

The next step is to connect the watch and the app. Make sure both bluetooth and GPS are enabled on your phone.

Next, open H Band on your phone> Settings> My device.

 Tilslut app Sportsbuddy Band B1

There will now be a list of bluetooth devices nearby. Find the Bracelet and press it. The watch will now be connected with the app. Make sure you have the watch as close to your phone as possible during the connection.

When the watch is connected, under Bluetooth it will hit "" Bracelet "" where it used to say "Disconnected".

5. Track your activity

Congratulations! The watch is now connected to the H Band app, and you have set up your user - now you just have to track your activity. In the future, you can see the activity under the menu item "Dashboard".